Jason El-Massih

Howdy! My name is Jason.

I am a Games and Web programmer with a broad range of capabilities and experience and a fairly eccentric personality. A devout minimalist, I always prefer to forgo the chitter chatter and just build some wicked cool stuff!

With extensive experience in the usage of Unreal Engine, Unity3D and ImpactJS, whether you need Lawn Mowing Simulator 2014, Call Of Honor: Duty Medals or BarnVille, I am your man! However, since variety is the Sriracha of my life, if you need a Web or Mobile Application developed, I still got the goods!
When not busy doing all the above, I enjoy Traveling, Turtles, Music, Long Walks on the Beach, Netflix and Taking Mundane Risks. If its something I've never done, so long as I am not trembling in fear, You can put the pony in the bank that I plan on doing it!
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Some of my relevant skills are: